My parents tell me that I started to sing as soon as I learned how to talk.  At the age of three I learned the hit song by Mylie Cyrus called "The Climb".  That was when my family first realized that this might be something that one day I would be good at.  


Getting a vocal coach was a bit of a struggle because most schools wouldn't teach me until I was 8 or 9 years old.  After trying and trying, we found a school that was actually close to my home.  They had a wonderful teacher by the name of Aura Urziceanu.  We discovered that Aura was an amazing performer and had belonged to a very accomplished musical family .  At the age of six I was finally able to begin taking vocal lessons with Aura.


After a couple of years we had the pleasure of continuing my coaching with a new vocal teacher by the name of Sarah Hyde.  Sarah had so much experience in being a teacher as well as a performing artist.  She helped me to really expand my vocal capabilities, with confidence exercises that helped me overcome the difficulty of performing in front of people.  

Over the last few years I have been so lucky to meet such amazing people through music.  This site will keep you up to date on what I am doing and anything that is new and exciting in the world of "Jadyn Rylee".  I hope you follow along with me on this journey.  It is so much fun and I am really enjoying it.

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